The Company:

Stuart C. Artingstall:

Wig Maker

Matthew W. Mungle:

Make-Up Artist

John E. Jackson

Make-Up Artist

Ian Harper:

Secretary/Financial Officer


Mane-Sta’ lace is a long lasting, non fraying fronting lace for wigs, toupees and facial hair.

We take Swiss lace and coat it with a proprietary product using the famous Van Horn process. Located in North Hollywood, California, we are the ONLY company to have the process invented by Mr. Van Horn to prevent lace from fraying.

Mane-Sta’ lace has been used by Hollywood wig makers and wig makers all over the world for many years and we count a large number of celebrities who favor it over less durable lace.

There are three weights:
15 Denier for HD film and TV
20 Denier for wigs, toupees and personal day wear.
25 Denier for theatre

Mane-Sta’ lace is available in both white and flesh colored. It takes dye (fabric, tea or coffee) easily.

Mane-Sta’ lace can be cleaned with alcohol, acetone and all wig cleaning products without detriment to the coating.

For wig rental companies, this product will extend the life of your wigs with less re-fronting resulting in a larger profit margin.

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